Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A new goal

I have a new goal and it is to run a half-marathon. Sometimes it sounds unreal to me when I read it. Me? Run a marathon? I can't even run a mile without feeling like I'm going to die, so why do I want to run a half-marathon? I have several reasons. I want to drop a few pounds and get healthy and into shape, and I want to support St. Jude at their annual marathon in December. I also just think that it would make me feel wonderful to be able to accomplish such a goal. The best thing is, W has said that he will train with me, although he has no interest in running the marathon. I printed off some simple training programs from that are for extreme beginners and my first goal is to be able to run for 30 minutes straight and according to the program, I should be able to do so in 9 weeks. Then I'll go from there. I also wish to purchase a book called "The non-runners marathon trainer for women", my friend bought it and said it really helped her. I will be updating on my progress weekly and hopefully I'll be able to start on Monday.