Friday, June 27, 2008

What I did for my birthday

The day before my birthday I was surprised to find out that W had cleaned out my car. This is really a big deal because my car was gross, seriously! Then the day of my birthday I got a card and some ghirardelli chocolate. The card had money in it for a little shopping spree at the mall! Shopping is my favorite thing to do and W even came along for the ride even though he HATES the mall. I bought some new cute clothes and a Coach wristlet that was 50% off. Then that evening we went to eat at Shogun which is a Japanese steakhouse where they cook the food on the grill in front of you which is my favorite! I opted NOT to have them sing the birthday song for me partly because I think W would have been embarrassed haha. Then as a final treat that night we went and had ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Yum, needless to say I had a wonderful birthday. I am blessed. Unfortunately I work all weekend and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before we leave for Chattanooga on Thursday. Here's a pic of me in my birthday suit LOL.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Saturday for Mondays

Saturday night was pretty much, I got all dressed up and did some dramatic eye makeup :) I met up with Emily, PJ, and Jenna and we went to a hole in the wall bar in Southaven, Mississippi and there was like 5 people there! LOL we only went because Jenna knew some people there, we didn't stay long. Then we went to Silky O' Sullivans where I had the privilege of trying a diver for the first time. A diver is a huge bucket of random drinks mixed together that a bunch of people all drink out of. Pretty gross huh? LOL it was actually really good though and since I knew the people who were drinking with me it was all good. We stayed there for a while, then me and Emily left because it was already almost 2 am and I told W I'd be home around that time, but PJ and Jenna went some other places that night. Today I've been lazing around and not doing much, I did get my makeup organized and have a freezer bag full of stuff I don't want anymore that I'm asking my cousin Kelly if she wants. I don't think anyone besides family would take my used makeup haha. Sadly, tomorrow is already Monday and my fun weekend is over :( Weekends are way too short. I'll be in the chemo room all this week and weekend, but I have Wednesday and Thursday off for my birthday. Yay!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pay Day!!

Today was pay day yay!! We usually go out on payday, so after I got off at 2:30 we took Tessa to the vet for her yearly wellness exam and vaccinations (She did pretty well, only put her teeth on W once when she was having her temp taken, but I swear she didn't mean it LOL) we went to the Collierville outdoor mall (It'a a bad A$$ mall seriously) and ate dinner at Corraba's and it was very good, then I stopped at the bare escentuals boutique and bought myself a few goodies with my 20% off family and friends discount. Now we are back home and W is knocked out on the couch. He's been sleeping for about an hour and looks so cute, and every so often he makes cute little sounds in his sleep LOL, the cats are napping with him also. Well just wanted to share my fun day, tomorrow I'm excited because I'm going out with some new friends from work who are also in my pharmacy class, that's it for now!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just for fun

What were you doing ten years ago?
It was the summer after my 8th grade year and I lived in Clarksville, TN. I was getting ready to turn 14 and enter the world of high school, I had yet to kiss a boy or have a real boyfriend, that didn't happen until 9th grade.

What are five (Non-work) things on my to-do list for today?
1. Get up by 5:00 am for work
2. Make it through my work day
3. Take Tessa to vet for yearly checkup
4. Go to bare escentuals boutique in Collierville
5. Go out to dinner and have "quality hubby time" at home afterwards

Five snacks I enjoy!
1. Ice cream
2. rice crispy treats
3. fried mushrooms
4. chocolate
5. frosted mini wheats cereal

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Buy a nice home and cars for me and W
2. Donate LOTS of money to St. Jude
3. Buy new home for my parents and Janice
4. wardrobe, makeup, shoes, perfume, anything I want
5. Donate to siamese rescue

Places I have lived
Seoul, Korea
Wurtzberg, Germany
Hopkinsville, KY
Clarksville, TN
Memphis, TN

5 Jobs I have had
1. Cashier at Petsmart
2. Dog bather at petsmart
3. Bather/boarding tech at Muttz Kuttz
4. Student worker at APSU loan office
5. Pharmacy student intern at St. Jude

Who wears bare escentuals?

I LOVE this makeup, it's practically the only brand I wear except a few select items from Smashbox which I also love, anywho if you're ever curious or already like the makeup, mosey on over to the bare escentuals addicts forum.
This is a look I did with a new kit I got, isn't it pretty??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Too young to miss the past??

I have recently found my way over to where you simply enter in your favorite band or song and it will generate a "station" that plays that artist and other similar ones. I typed in "blink 182" my absolutely favorite band in high school and when the music started to play I found my self in a place I thought I left behind. All these memories flooded back and I actually felt like I was back in the late 90s early 2000s there for a minute it was nice and sad at the same time. I mean it feels like I was just there not too very long ago and now I'm a big girl in the big ol' world. Where or where does time go? How can I be 23, married, in pharmacy school and working a full time job?? Seriously these are all the things that I always looked forward to but knew were a long ways away, now all of a sudden I'm here. Wow. All I can say is time flies. I remember when I first became aware of the passing of time. I was 9. Then I started getting a little scared at age 12. "I'm only 12 I thought, still a kid, I have plenty of time to soak in this life I call mine." Now I'm going to be 24 next week. Then I think about the things I'm looking forward to now, future children, graduating pharmacy school, buying our dream home and moving wherever life takes us. Before I know it I'll be reminiscing about these dreams and thoughts I'm having now. How does one make the best of the time we have with us right now?? I can't help but want time to pass when I'm working, but when I'm having fun can I slow it down? Sadly no. This is what happens when I should be in bed sleeping because I have to be at work at 6 am tomorrow morning. Life happens, life is NOW. Don't wish away your life no matter how mundane the present is at that particular moment. I wish I could go back to that Monday in 4th period English staring at the clock.............

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I think I sleep too much

The weekend is nearing to an end and would you believe I didn't take a single picture this weekend? Blah, I just couldn't make my lazy butt get up and at em'. LOL I did make it out to target on Saturday though and treated myself to a bare escentuals makeup kit called 100% pure moxie which came highly recommended by the wonderful ladies on the bare escentuals addicts forum. I also managed to give myself a manicure and plan on doing a facial today. I go back to work tomorrow at 8 am. I work the day shift all week I believe which is both good and bad. I like getting off earlier in the day,but I despise getting up early, which leads me into the name of my post. I really think I sleep too much. If allowed I will sleep for nearly 12 hours, I'm not kidding! This is without waking up once. Of course I'm only able to do this on my days off, but is sucks because I feel like I've wasted a big part of my day that I'll never get back. It also makes the day seem incredibly short. Any ideas why? And if I set the alarm, I turn it off and go right back to sleep if I know I don't have to get up for any reason. Well I'm off to take a shower and clean the house before W gets home. He loves coming home to a clean house.

Our Family

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Lonely weekend ahead

Thank goodness it's Friday and I have the whole weekend off, but W didn't think he was going to get any shifts this week so he offered to do doubles on Saturday and Sunday :-( That means I'm going to be lonely all weekend because he leaves before I wake up and doesn't get off until 11pm. What will I do with myself? Well I'll tell ya, I'm going to spend some time doing my much neglected I'm pretty excited about it, I plan on going to the Memphis botanical gardens and a few cemeteries at least, and I may even head out to the Hernando-Desoto county bridge to get some much anticipated sunset shots. I'd also love to get a shot of the Memphis skyline, BUT I really have no idea where to do this, I'd have to go across the bridge into Arkansas and I think I want W with me if I'm going that far. This week has been uneventful, pretty much just work, 2nd shift all week, next week I get to work 1st shift though and I have the weekened off! Two weekends in the row, I'm not going to know what to do lol. It's getting closer to my birthday (June 25) and I still don't know where I want to go out to eat. I enjoy going out to eat SO much, so I must think long and hard about where I want to go. Any ideas? Also me and W will be heading to Chattanooga on July 3 and coming back on the 6th. I should get some good pictures there as well since it's so beautiful. Well that's it for now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday was my dear little sister's birthday. She turned 23 years and loved every second of it. So as of right now, we are both 23. For those that don't know, Janice has Down Syndrome, and her role in my life has been indescribable. She helped make me the person I am today. Her birthday was spent eating at her favorite restaurant, Olive garden. I did this post awhile back about her so check it out! Happy Birthday Princess!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Prayers for baby boy

I usually don't request prayers for St. Jude patients because there are just way to many, but I'm making an exception for a baby boy. He is only a few months old, but looks almost like a new born, and he was abandoned at St. Jude. From what I know he was admitted just like a regular patient with his mother, and sometime during his treatment, she left and never came back. The child's father is in prison as far as I know. This baby is not without love though, the nurses are spoiling him! :) Every time I visit the area where his room is, a nurse is holding him or in his room tending to him. I believe he may have leukemia, but I'm not 100% sure. They have even set up a baby monitor with a camera to keep a constant watch over him, so when I come to that area, I get the pleasure of hearing his sweet baby sounds over the monitor. In reality, this child will probably recover and lead a normal life. I just don't understand how a mother could leave her child in such a time of need. This has happened before, babies abandoned at St. Jude during treatment, although it's very rare. A great majority of the parents are very doting and are there for their children night and day. I guess I just wanted to request prayers for this baby that everything works out and he ends up with a family who appreciates and loves him for the blessing he is. I can't give out his real name so we'll call him David. I'll keep everyone posted on this little angel, and I pray he makes a full recovery. Also I was wondering if any one is taking photos of him? I'm sure he'll want baby photos of himself when he gets older and the wonderful nurses who cared for him at St. Jude. Well that's it for now.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Overdue for a new post

Hello everyone! Not much as been going on since my last post, but I'll fill everyone in anyway. W finally finished his semester and he made 2 Bs and 1 A and I couldn't be more proud of him. He only has 1 more semester of school, then he's an RN. He'll be able to get a full-time job and we'll have better insurance and it's just going to be good for us. Both of us being full-time students javascript:void(0)
Publish Postgets tough sometimes as you can imagine. Money gets tight also as we pretty much live on student loans, except during the summer of course. Speaking of working in the summer, I have finished 2 whole weeks working full-time at St. Jude and I LOVE IT. St. Jude is my first pharmacy job and I never thought I'd like it so much. Yesterday I worked in the new Chili's care center and I really liked it. We only had 6 patients, but more are being admitted as we speak. I was off today, and tomorrow I'll be in the medicine room again, which is where all the outpatients get their therapies like chemo or antibiotics or whatever they need. Me and W are going to Chattanooga on July 3rd and I'm really excited about it. I LOVE Chattanooga, it's so pretty and there is so much to do. Plus our friends Bill and Terry Hughes live there and we always eat Thai food with them. Yum. Me and W LOVE Thai food. Well that's it for now. More to come as always.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day I married my best friend. The day of our wedding is somewhat of a blur, but we had a special wedding. We got married in the same church I was baptized, had first communion, had first confession, AND was confirmed in. It's called the Soldiers' chapel and it's located on Ft. Campbell, KY. It's special because I grew up as an army brat, and it's amazing I was able to do all those things at the same church, much less have my wedding there! A wonderful chaplain married us just a few days before he was moving to a different army base, for that we were blessed. One day during a counseling session, we figured out that the Priest was also a part of the same sigma chi fraternity as my husband, that was a clear sign to me it was meant to be. We didn't have very many people attend the ceremony, probably around 50, but all the important people that mattered to us were there. We had a lovely ceremony that lasted about 30 minutes, then we had our reception just a few miles away at a lovely reception hall called Cole park commons. The limo driver happened to know my dad so he ended up staying for the whole wedding and driving us home even though we hadn't paid for that. Another surprise that happened for me was my wedding cake. I hadn't paid the extra 125 dollars for the intricate detail on the cake, and I guess whoever made it didn't know we hadn't paid for the extra designs, because all the intricate detailing was there! I was elated. My last surprise was being lavaliered which means I was officially able to wear my husband's fraternity letters. All the brothers who attended surrounded me and sang the Sigma Chi sweetheart song and my hubby presented me with his white gold letters on a white gold chain. It was a total surprise and I was so happy. We left the next day for our honeymoon where we spent a week in FL. It was great.
Today we celebrated by seeing a movie and going to dinner. We saw the newest Narnia movie and we both LOVED it, then ate dinner at our favorite Japanese steakhouse. We were seated with a strange lot of people, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. I also received a beautiful gift from my wonderful husband. He had a special ring made for me. It has a large pearl in the middle of it which matches the pearl necklace he gave me as a wedding gift, and two very light colored sapphires which match a pair of earrings he gave me before we were married. This ring has a tone of meaning behind it. First of all the pearl-my birthstone AND stone of the month we were married in-June. Secondly, the Sapphires-Hubby's birth stone AND stone for the month we started dating in AND the day he proposed-September. I'm very happy today.

Pictures from me getting my anniversary present