Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain rain, GO AWAY!

So it's been raining here in Memphis for a while, and it usually rains during the day AND night without stopping. When I drive to and from school on the interstate I can see extensive flooding, luckily I don't think anyone's homes are involved at this point, except maybe..OURS. I may have written awhile ago about the flooding in our living room. It's gotten progressively worse because it's been raining so much, and as of right now our furniture in the room are all on cinder blocks. The rug is pretty much ruined though and stinks to high heaven. We really don't know what to do, this problem about the house was NOT disclosed to us before the purchase of the house and we both feel the previous owners HAD to know about it. I thought it was strange that the floor was tile in the living room, but now it makes sense because they knew the room flooded. We are probably going to seek the help of a lawyer that specializes in these sorts of things, but how can we prove they knew about it? Also we don't have the funds at the moment to get the problem professionaly fixed and who knows how much it would even cost. Of course we don't have flood insurance either so we tossed around the idea of trying to get it, then claiming the damage. Who knows at this point. I just wish it would stop raining!


As We Sail... said...

Sorry about your last exam, and your flood damage. We have a basement with a sump pump, so when it rains badly we get about an inch down there. We haven't had floods on our street but have seen other houses with the water right up to thier thresholds. It must be terrible.
If I were in your situation I would get the flood insurance, and