Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Ups and Downs.

Our first Christmas spent as a couple was not EXACTLY what I thought it would be. We spent Christmas in Ormond Beach, FL which is like my all time favorite place in the world with the Conlans, Will's long time friends and my friends since I've known Will. They've always opened up their homes and hearts to us and this visit was no different, but I felt strangely sad on Christmas, I sadness I had not expected. After visiting Will's granny, I felt we needed to be with family for Christmas and I openly wept at not being able to see my parents. This is the first Christmas of my entire life that I've not spent Christmas with them and it was more than tough. The thought of eating Christmas dinner with the Conlan's parents whom I had never met was the last thing on my mind, so my wonderful husband said we didn't have to, and we stopped at Winne Dixie and picked up some meager ingredients for our own little Christmas dinner. It consisted of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and cranberry sauce. It was perfect. The food might not have been what I had planned on, we were in someone else's house, but I was content to be with my husband and I loved that. We left the next day to visit Will's mom and dad. Will's mother showered me with Christmas gifts, all of which I loved. So far we've had a good time with them. We leave tomorrow to see Will's grandparents, then we're going to see our good friend Bill Hughes in Chattanooga, then finally we'll spend New year's eve and day with my parents and family in Clarksville. This is has been a Christmas trip I won't soon forget. When we finally arrive back home in Memphis, it'll be almost time for me to begin my second semester of pharmacy school, something I'm looking forward to with anxiousness and fear and happiness all at the same time.