Friday, December 21, 2007

Work and Vacation

For the last few days I've continued my training at St. Jude's and I'm loving it. I am pretty good at making IV bags and syringes, but those darn labels are getting to me. They always stick where they're not supposed to. I did have one accident. I was trying to break open an ampule and I got the first one perfectly, but the second one sliced into my thumb. I actually felt like I'd been broken in after that :) I got my grades and I did OK. I was disappointed about one of my grades because I screwed up on the final and it brought my grade down a whole letter. I guess that will teach me to procrastinate before finals. My GPA is 3.32 right now though so I guess that's OK. I should just really be concentrated on passing, but I can't get out of that "must get all As" mentality. I think my parents crushed it into my head so much growing up, I beat myself up when I don't get As. I'm pretty much over it now though. Tomorrow we're leaving really early and driving all day. We should get to Ormond Beach, FL by 5:00 pm. We'll be in FL until the 31st, then we're going to spend New Year's eve and day in Clarksville. I'm really excited. This is kind of a boring blog, but I'm sure I'll have great stories to tell when I get back.