Monday, September 8, 2008

One Job I'll never complain about.

Ok so I haven't written in quite some time. I haven't really felt up for it....until tonight. After the recent airing of stand up to cancer, I've been a little sad. I like to keep up with all the caringbridge pages for some of the patients at work, but maybe I shouldn't because when things don't go well, it's very heartbreaking. An 8 year old little girl from St. Jude just got some bad news about her progress. Her name is Mary Kate and you can visit her page here. This leads me to the title of my post. I prepare chemo at St. Jude for kids with cancer. It's a tough job. Sometimes I work for hours on end with no break. Sometimes a child will need a really large dose of a drug and I'll have to reconstitute a large number of vials to get a big enough dose, and my back starts to hurt and it gets hot in my mask and I sweat. Sometimes I stick myself with the needles I use to make the drugs. Sometimes I won't be able to find a child's order and I'll have to go searching for it even though I may have 20 chemo orders to make for the next day. Sometimes something just isn't right and I have to call the child's nurse to figure something out. I check the math on all the doses to make sure an error wasn't made and all this is very time consuming, BUT when I have bad days I always think to myself: This child and their family is trusting in ME that this chemo is made CORRECTLY. They are depending on me to take my time and make sure everything is done right, and that's what I do. To think for one moment that I may play a small part in saving a child's life makes any and everything I do at work worth it. I've been blessed with good health and I'm so very humble to God for giving it to me. I'm broke as a joke and without a car right now, but I'm healthy, and there are so many adults and kids who wish they could say the same. I'll never complain about my job.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Our families are SO thankful for your job! Thanks for the details you give about it. Honestly, before I met you, I had never really thought about who made Kennedy's chemo much... but now I thank God for those people all the time. So even though you never made Kennedy's chemo, thank you! I'm glad people care enough about our kids to do it!