Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tomorrow is W's birthday.

W's birthday is tomorrow and I'm getting ready to go birthday shopping for him. His birthday is always sort of a dreaded day for me considering he is EXTREMELY hard to shop for. This time he made it a little easier for me by making a birthday wish list which consisted of nothing but DVDs and CDs. I may throw in a shirt or two as well. :) If it weren't for me, the man would wear t-shirts and cargo shorts everyday. By the way he will be 28 years young. Wow, when I met W he was only 24. I'm a little bit bummed though since he's working on his birthday and we won't be able to go out anywhere. Then I work Friday and he's going out of town this weekend, so I guess we really won't get to go out. Oh well, when I get a chance I'm going to make his favorite dish, liver and onions. I'm not joking, he LOVES liver and onions and begs me to make it all the time. And for desert, he favorite: chocolate chip muffins. Well I still haven't gotten any test grades back and the suspense is killing me! Well I'm off to Target and/or Best Buy.