Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little update...Fall break!

So I'm officially on fall break until Monday which is sooooooo nice. I do have to work Friday, Saturday AND Sunday though, but that's ok I'll earn a little cash. I got to see my dad and Janice last Saturday and I very much enjoyed it. I took both of their blood pressures and I'm very sad and concerned to say Janice's was 172/104. That's really high, stage II hypertension. I expressed my concerns with my dad about her health and my parents are getting her an appointment to see the doctor. I think she needs a full physical AND a complete blood test to access her lipids, i.e. cholesterol. I don't believe her cholesterol is high, I just think the hypertension is probably caused by her being overweight. My dad has started her on a diet, which is good, but sad at the same time because she doesn't truly understand why she has to be on a diet and she still wants snacks. Thankfully she loves fruit, so my dad has been giving her lots of fruit, which is really good. So her blood pressure is bad, BUT I think with some lifestyle changes and a trip to the doctor for some prescription meds, she'll be at her goal blood pressure in no time which for her should probably be <130-80. I will get to see my parents and Janice again this weekend which is cool.
Will is doing well in school still, he graduates on December 5, then has to take his NCLEX aka board exams to be a certified RN. He wants to work in the ICU at a local hospital here called Methodist North, his been doing his internship there and really enjoys it. I can't wait for him to graduate, I'm so proud of him.
I have also recently decided to start attending church again regularly. I am Catholic for those who don't know, so me not having attended for awhile leaves me in a state of mortal sin. I have to fix this by going to confession, then I will be able to take communion again. I'm SCARED!! I haven't been to confession in quite some time, but I HAVE to do it. Hopefully before Sunday so I can take communion this Sunday. I found a church very near our home, and Will has even said he'd start coming with me (he's not Catholic, though I'd LOVE him to be some day).
My nephew Colby's birthday is October 18, he'll be six years old, I simply can't believe it. I remember the first time I laid eyes on him when he was about 3 months old. He was such a beautiful baby. I'll have to send his card out tomorrow along with my VERY FIRST car payment LOL.
Lastly, I got pulled over today *sigh*. a ticket, my first one ever!!!! That really sucks because I've been saving all my pay checks to pay my car payments so this is going to be a set back because I'm assuming this ticket will be over $100. :( I guess that's what I get for speeding.