Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Want a chance to win a prize?

And find a really cool blog at the same time? I read Renee's blog called life with my special K's EVERYDAY, sometimes more than once a day. She has 4 beautiful kiddos, and she's married to a military man who is currently deployed. Her youngest daughter just happens to have Down Syndrome AND has fought and WON a battle with AML (Acute Myologenous Leukemia). She lives in my hometown of Clarksville, TN. Since I have a sister with DS AND I grew up in a military family, AND I work at St. Jude so I'm an advocate of pediatric cancer awareness, I love her blog for many reasons, but even if I had nothing in common with her, I would still love her blog because she is an amazing writer. So go visit her blog and enter for a chance to win a prize commemerating her 1 year blogoversary!!


My name is Sarah said...

Hi This is Sarah's mom, Joyce. I finally have the computer to myself, of course it is well after midnight and I will not be able to get up in the morning, but at least I can catch up on a few posts I wanted to make without Sarah. Thank you for leaving the comments on Sarah's blog. She is having a great time with it, but I think we are becoming obsessed!!! Anyway, I have read over your very busy life. I am so impressed with your studies and future goals. Sarah and I enjoyed seeing the photo of your little sister Janice and your parents. I can just tell you were a great big sister. Good luck with your new car, I love that you chose red - good color.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Thanks!! :o)

Thanks for posting my giveaway on your blog! You're entered twice!