Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh me oh my.

That's what's going through my head right now LOL. I got off work only 1.5 hours ago and I have to go to bed VERY SOON because I have to be to work at 9:30 am tomorrow. I wanted to share about me and Will's day. He woke me up very sweetly this morning and asked me if I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch. I had wanted to go on Thursday but sadly it rained ALL DAY. I was surprised that he offered since he didn't seem really excited about it. Well we got directions through google maps, but something went wrong and we never found it! So sadly no pumpkin patch today, but he promises me we'll do it before halloween. We did eat at Bhan Thai which is a really good Thai food place that Will had never got to try before. He loved it. I have begun the process of putting away all my warm weather clothes and pulling out all my fall sweaters. I hate doing it but love after I'm done. I will also be getting rid of quite of few clothes that are too big for me. That's right, I weigh around 118-119lbs now which is below my goal of 120. Not sure how that happened really. But people have noticed and that feels really awesome. My parents are in Tunica again so I'm going to see them tomorrow after work. I thought I would stay the night, but I may not now since I want me and Will to go to church on Sunday. We'll see. Well gotta go to sleep.