Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back in School

So I've just finished my first week of school back after Christmas break. So far I've really loved it! I'm taken continuation classes of pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, also pharmaceutics 2 and 3 and an Over the counter drug class. I'll also be doing a compounding lab this semester where I'll actually make real drugs and get to bring them home! I'm really excited about that. Our first order of business of the new semester was getting certified to give immunizations. I passed with flying colors! It really wasn't that bad, 2 days were spent listening to lectures about any and everything you'd ever want to know about immunizations for every age group, and the last day was spent actually giving and receiving shots with a partner. Of course we used normal saline in the syringes. When I gave my partner her shots, it felt so naturally and I did perfect on the first try. I think I am going to volunteer to give flu shots in October during the Boo Flu clinic. I have my Kappa Psi initiation coming up next weekend and my first test on Jan. 25. I also got my new camera in the mail, so photos will be posted as I get the hang of my new toy. That's all for now.