Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just call me cat woman

I got initiated into Kappa Psi, the pharmaceutical fraternity that I've been pledging all last semester, this past Friday, and on Sunday we had our Jersey night. Jersey night consists of getting all the new brothers together for some food and music, then our big brother presents us with a jersey with the Kappa Psi letters on it and our new nickname on the back. The catch is we don't know our nickname until we get called up in front of everyone and our big brother explains in....did I mention in front of everyone? LOL so it's my turn and my big brother April tells everyone that I have 4 cats and they each have their own facebook page haha and she thought that was a bit excessive, so my nickname is "Cat Woman". I wanted to die because I'm really sensitive about people thinking I'm weird because we have 4 cats and I was afraid my nickname would be cat lady or something, but cat lady would have been way worse LOL. Here are some pics.