Thursday, January 31, 2008

When it pours.

This morning was one of the most horrible mornings I've ever had. In fact, I can't seem to think of a time when I had a MORE horrible morning. So I follow hubby out the front door at around 7:30 am, me for class at 8:00 am and him for a full day of clinicals. Our windshields are covered with ice so I start my car, then proceed to get out of the car to scrape some ice. Hubby has just finished his and pulled out of the driveway and turned the corner when I realize something that brings up all kinds of horrors from the depth of my soul. I LOCKED THE KEYS IN THE CAR!!!.....IT'S RUNNING.......MY PHONE AND MOST OF MY WORLDLY POSSESSIONS ARE ALSO IN THE CAR.....THE HOUSE IS LOCKED..........I'M TRAPPED, ALONE, STUCK, UP THE CREEK W/O A get the idea. To make matters worse I had an exam in 2 short hours and I should be at school studying for it! I had no idea what to do. I knocked on the door of the only neighbor I know and she doesn't answer. Ok now what? I wait patiently for a neighbor to descend their driveway so I can stop them and beg to use a one comes out. Now what? Bust out the window...(ok I wasn't quite thinking rationally I just wanted IN my car). I am unable to bust the window, even after hurling a brick into it as hard as I can, let's just hope I never get trapped INSIDE my car. Now what? Walk to the local elementary school and beg to use their phone, 10 minute walk in the freezing cold...everyone looking at me weird, decide to forego school and walk additional 5 minutes to walgreens, ask clerk to use phone and phonebook, can't call hubby because phone won't dial long distance and I have no earthly idea where he did his clinicals locksmith who says wait at walgreens until technician calls back, then walk back home to meet technician. Get the call, but technician is already waiting at my house! Run/walk like hell back home in cold temperature out of breath and chest sore from cold air.....Meet technician who opens my car door in like 5 seconds and I pay him 90.00, YES NINETY dollars! I made it to school by 9:35, missed two classes and didn't get breakfast or my morning coffee or any time to study for test at 10, which by the way I DID NOT do well on. *sigh* It was raining when I finally left class at 12 and can you imagine I didn't have an umbrella? Of course I didn't because it wasn't raining when I left. When I finally make it to my car after walking in the cold rain, I turn on the ignition and a weird light comes on from the dashboard, one I've never even seen. I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the car running for an hour this morning. What can I say? When it rains, it pours. I can only hope tomarrow will be better.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Praying tomorrow is better!!