Friday, January 18, 2008

Hair cut from H, E double hockey sticks

So I had a pretty decent day today. After class, me and my girlfriends went to a Thai place down town and I made the mistake of ordering something I don't usually get. When it arrived, I'm sure everyone could see the look of disappointment on my face, I just couldn't hide it. I politely told the waitress that it wasn't what I was expecting and she let me get something else and didn't even charge me for the meal they took back, I was very impressed and I'll definitely go back again. Then we had our Kappa Psi initiation which was a very interesting experience to say the least. Lastly we went to see "27 Dresses" which was a pretty cute movie. Kind of made me miss being a bride, but in reality I don't think I want to plan another wedding my entire life. When I got home, hubby greeted me at the door and I was shocked at what I saw. He cut his own hair, and it wasn't pretty. You see, we have one of those clipper sets and it works great when he wants it all one length, but today I guess he tried to just take a little off the sides, and it just looks so blunt, and it makes him look like he has a "bowl cut". I hate it and he won't do anything about it! I told him I wouldn't be seen in public with him like that. We also got our new mattress today so I'll let everyone know how that goes. I'll end on a good note, I sent Janice a card in the mail and my dad called to let me know she got it. He said when my mom gave it to her she said "FOR ME?" Apparently she loved it so that made me feel pretty good.