Saturday, March 29, 2008

Crazy night at work

Last night I got to work at around 5 and didn't leave until midnight. It was crazy to say the least. Me and Matt worked about 6.5 hours straight making chemo for the kids. I LOVE making chemo, and it makes the time go by oh so fast. I feel really good about what I do. Matt is graduating in May and he's trying to decide if he wants to work at St. Jude as a pharmacist or go to Methodist hospital. I hope he stays at St. Jude, I'll miss him if he leaves! He's taught me so much. *sigh* But anyway I did get a nice surprise when I got to work, I thought I was supposed to work this weekend, but I don't work until next weekend! I was seriously happy to be able to sleep in this morning. I'm sure next weekend I'll be singing a different tune though. hehe. My little sister Janice is getting her hair cut and highlighted this morning and I so wish I could be there to see it. She LOVES getting her hair done at the beauty salon. After her hair is done my dad is taking her out to lunch so she's going to have a good day. My dad loves Janice so much, I think it's because of her that he decided to quit drinking and lose weight(he's hasn't had a drink in MONTHS and he's lost over 30 lbs so far!) Janice is definitely a happy girl and has my dad wrapped around her pinkie. It makes me happy to know she's happy, she deserves nothing less. Speaking of dad, he's turning 50 April 15 and were having a party in Missouri where most of his family lives on April 12. Me and W are going to make the 7 hour drive and I'm SOOOO excited to see everyone and especially my niece and nephew who are 3 and 5. I'm going to a formal for Kappa Psi tonight, I'm excited but I won't have a date as W is still in Chicago. I haven't gone to a function solo in a LONG time, but I think it'll still be fun. I wanted to share a few pictures because I think it makes blog entries mucho interesting. The first is of a church in St. Augustine, FL that I took on Christmas eve last year. I edited it a little bit. Can you believe I took this shot with a point and shoot camera? yep it was before I got my Canon 400D. The second pic is one I took of Madison jumping after a toy, don't you love the way her claws are outstretched and her mouth is open. Hehe she's crazy.
St. Augustine Church I
Madison in the air


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OK that pic of your cat is HILARIOUS!!! LOL
Your dad and my hubby share a birthday... several years apart of course! Gotta love Tax day! :)
I love that you love making chemo! You're one of my heroes!