Wednesday, March 26, 2008

W might rejoin the Army

The Army Reserves Nursing corps is offering RNs a $30,000 sign on bonus(well $10,000/year for 3 years) and $50,000 in student loan repayments which would totally pay off W's loans, we'd still have mine to pay off, but having his out of the way would be a huge relief. Also when he starts Nurse Anesthetist school, they'll pay him $1900/month for living expenses. That would pay all our monthly bills and we'd have some left over and W wouldn't have to work. Also it wouldn't be active duty either, he'd be in the reserves. He'd only have to work 1 weekend per month and 2 weeks per year. Also he'd owe them 1 year of service for every 6 months he's in Anesthetist school, so I think he said he'd owe 6 or 8 years. We'd also get to use Tricare insurance which is better than the school health insurance we use now(which isn't necessarily bad, just kind of pricey), and we'd have access to the commissary and PX where all the merchandise is tax free. The major con is obviously the chance of deployment, but we don't even know for sure that he would get deployed, especially if we elect a democratic president(I'm hopeful), but people deal with spouses being deployed on a daily basis, so I think I could handle it(I'm sure it'll be a different story if I get put in that situation, but I'm trying to be optimistic). W also said he'd enter in as a 2nd lieutenant(he'll have a bachelor's in nursing) and when he graduates anesthetist school, he'd be some sort of officer(he'd have a doctorate). All in all I think this would be a great opportunity for us. The extra money would be phenomenal as well as the other perks that come with it. What do ya'll think?
PS-I forgot to mention W already served 4 years active duty AND has been deployed to Iraq before so I'd be a piece of cake for him.


Michelle said...

It sounds like a good idea with some great benefits. Since he's already been active duty before, and your father was in the military, you both know what to expect. It wouldn't be a complete shock to your system :)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Sounds like a good idea to me too. The Army is paying off Frank's loans. However, just know that if we get a democratic president, military families are going to be suffering financially. They are already talking about cutting benefits and pay and JOBS... everything that enables us to put food on our table and a roof over our heads. Just my 4 cents worth ;).