Tuesday, March 11, 2008

lump update

Ok so I went to the student health center today and when Bill I mean the doctor (LOL he looked JUST LIKE Bill Cosby) came in he felt around on my little nodule and didn't seem the least bit concerned(just as I expected). He commented that I've probably had that bump for 10 years and it's common, etc. He pretty much just told me to watch it(as I suspected), but at least I can rest easier now. On the other hand I told him about the heart palpitations I've been having, and that caught his attention. I think he must be interested in the heart, because he talked at length about mitral valve prolapses and other things. I told him these palpitations have been going on for years and he thought it was funny I came in for that little bump right away, but waited YEARS to get my heart checked LOL. He listened to my heart, then listened to my heart with me laying down, then listened with me laying on my side and he heard nothing out of the ordinary, of course I knew he wouldn't since no one ever has before. Some heart issues can't be heard though, so he ordered a complete blood workup to rule out some other problem, then he'll send me for an EKG. I'm not worried since my mom has a mitral valve prolapse, there is no treatment and it usually creates no problems for the person, you just simply need to take antibiotics prophylatically before invasive procedures to prevent endocarditis. Not a biggie. It's an inherited condition, so if I have anything, it's probably that. He also said something about a 24 monitor to determine what sort of palpitations are occurring, but with my luck I won't have any palpitations during that 24 hours since they don't occur everyday. Well I'll get my lab results back tomorrow and will probably get scheduled for my EKG. I'll keep this site updated.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Whew, glad to know the lump is nothing serious! We'll be praying about the heart issue!