Thursday, March 27, 2008

Walk on the wild side.......

First and foremost I'd like to lament that W left today to go on his annual "man trip" with some of his buddies from his Sigma Chi fraternity. *sniff sniff* He'll only be gone until Sunday so I'm pretty much being a big baby, but I've never slept in our house alone before so I'm skeered. LOL but I'll live. Fred's pharmacy hosted an event tonight called "walk on the wild side" at the Memphis zoo for pharmacy students. I debated going since I have an exam tomorrow, but I'm really glad I did. It was lots of fun, they provided us with a Mexican themed dinner, plus we got to see a sea lion show and I also saw the polar bears, an armadillo, a barn owl, and some sort of python. We also got goodie bags and door prizes were given away, sadly I didn't win anything. Unfortunately I'm suffering from a severe tension headache right now as I type, and my extra strength Excedrin has yet to work. I'm also a tad bit disappointed that I have to work tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday(I only work every 3rd weekend so I really shouldn't complain). I love my job, but it's still work. Well best get to studying.


Michelle said...

sorry you have to work this weekend; but maybe it'll help the time go by faster since W is gone anyway!