Monday, May 5, 2008

The most precious little girl.....

came into the pharmacy with her mom on Sunday. I asked them if I could help them and this little probably 4 year old girl pipes in and says "I need my G shots" in the cutest little exuberant happy about life voice I'd ever heard. It certainly brought my spirits up to a new level. To think a child seemed happy to be picking up shots, also she was bald and had a face mask, so she must have been at vulnerable part of her therapy and she was just as happy as a little peach. Her mom beamed with pleasure and for good reason. This child has kept her spirits up and continues to make others happy even while undergoing extensive chemotherapy. Also I *think* I saw a little tiny girl with T21 in the cafeteria. She was precious as she could be and made my heart soar when I saw her. She also had a tiny infant sibling with her and they shared a radio flier red wagon. Too cute. She had a full head of blond fuzzy hair, but wore a face mask so I'm unsure of what therapies she was getting. Her parents were very young and looked worn out. I hope they can through this ok. Well those were the high points of my work day on Sunday.