Saturday, May 24, 2008

A patched-up pickup truck and 2 speckled eggs

I'm not busy at work right now, so I figured I would post a little update about the happenings in my life these past few days. We finally got W's truck back, and let me just say it's pretty ugly. haha, the new truck bed is white with all kinds of writing on it, and the rest of the truck is gray with a gray camper shell thing on it. We don't care though, we W graduates this December he plans on getting a newer truck and I for one can't wait! The other day after it rained I was on the porch taking pictures of the water drops on the leaves, and a little bird kept making all these angry type sounds, then I noticed it's little mate hiding under my car making pitiful sad sounds. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I saw the angry one fly into my hanging flower pot which has a dead plant in it. I gently lifted the pot down and I found 2 little speckled eggs inside. My heart was so happy, I LOVE it when I get to see first hand a little family of birds from egg to adult. W was pretty happy about it too. I took pictures of the little eggs which I will post later. I hope they don't get too stressed out from us going in and out of the house. Next week is W's final week and I'm so happy for him to be done, this sememster has been particularly hard on him and I know he's going to be happy to be done. I have finished my first week of working full time for St. Jude and so far I LOVE IT! It's so much more stress free to only be working and not have to go to school. I'm also very anxious to get my first big paycheck as I've become quite fond of Smashbox makeup. I love that stuff. Mine and W's 1 year anniversary is 1 week from tomorrow and we're going to a good place to eat called Texas De' Brazil, quite pricy, but everyone's told me it's worth it as it's all you can eat freshly prepared cuts of meat. I'll let everyone know how it turns out. We're also going to see a movie which we haven't done in ages, AND we're going to the Memphis Botanical gardens during the day to enjoy the flowers AND so I can take pictures. I'm really excited about it. Well that's it for now!