Monday, May 12, 2008

Nearing an end

I have 1 final today and 1 tomarrow and I'm done until the end of August. That makes me pretty happy, but I know next year is going to be even harder. My parents left Clarksville today and should be in Memphis by about noon. They are staying in one of the casino hotels in Tunica. They've graciously said that they won't come to my actual house because with all that's been going on lately I have had NO time to clean the house. W actually did some cleaning yesterday, though, while I was working. I'm pretty excited about the white coat ceremony tomarrow, but dissapointed that it's scheduled during American Idol. HAHA but it's ok, I will live. We still don't have W's truck back, and really don't know what's going to happen with the whole situation. The estimation from the insurance company for repairs is about 1500 dollars, BUT the truck isn't worth that much(I won't get into my views on putting a price on something you rely on for work and school) so we are unsure right now what's going to happen. The part to repair the truck bed can't be found at the moment because it's an older model truck, but our mechanic is still looking. Well that's it for now, just wanted to get some therapeutic writing in before my final in 30 minutes.


As We Sail... said...

I think you will do well, you seem very dedicated. Congratulations