Sunday, June 8, 2008

Prayers for baby boy

I usually don't request prayers for St. Jude patients because there are just way to many, but I'm making an exception for a baby boy. He is only a few months old, but looks almost like a new born, and he was abandoned at St. Jude. From what I know he was admitted just like a regular patient with his mother, and sometime during his treatment, she left and never came back. The child's father is in prison as far as I know. This baby is not without love though, the nurses are spoiling him! :) Every time I visit the area where his room is, a nurse is holding him or in his room tending to him. I believe he may have leukemia, but I'm not 100% sure. They have even set up a baby monitor with a camera to keep a constant watch over him, so when I come to that area, I get the pleasure of hearing his sweet baby sounds over the monitor. In reality, this child will probably recover and lead a normal life. I just don't understand how a mother could leave her child in such a time of need. This has happened before, babies abandoned at St. Jude during treatment, although it's very rare. A great majority of the parents are very doting and are there for their children night and day. I guess I just wanted to request prayers for this baby that everything works out and he ends up with a family who appreciates and loves him for the blessing he is. I can't give out his real name so we'll call him David. I'll keep everyone posted on this little angel, and I pray he makes a full recovery. Also I was wondering if any one is taking photos of him? I'm sure he'll want baby photos of himself when he gets older and the wonderful nurses who cared for him at St. Jude. Well that's it for now.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

How incredibly sad... that happened once at Vanderbilt too and it just breaks my heart. We'll be praying for this sweet baby!