Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Saturday for Mondays

Saturday night was pretty much, I got all dressed up and did some dramatic eye makeup :) I met up with Emily, PJ, and Jenna and we went to a hole in the wall bar in Southaven, Mississippi and there was like 5 people there! LOL we only went because Jenna knew some people there, we didn't stay long. Then we went to Silky O' Sullivans where I had the privilege of trying a diver for the first time. A diver is a huge bucket of random drinks mixed together that a bunch of people all drink out of. Pretty gross huh? LOL it was actually really good though and since I knew the people who were drinking with me it was all good. We stayed there for a while, then me and Emily left because it was already almost 2 am and I told W I'd be home around that time, but PJ and Jenna went some other places that night. Today I've been lazing around and not doing much, I did get my makeup organized and have a freezer bag full of stuff I don't want anymore that I'm asking my cousin Kelly if she wants. I don't think anyone besides family would take my used makeup haha. Sadly, tomorrow is already Monday and my fun weekend is over :( Weekends are way too short. I'll be in the chemo room all this week and weekend, but I have Wednesday and Thursday off for my birthday. Yay!