Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grains of Gratitude

1. First and foremost I am extremely grateful that we didn't get any damage from the horrible storms and tornados that passed through our area last Tuesday night. Our county wasn't even hit as bad as some other counties. I was scared a few times listening to the mournful tornado sirens blaring outside our home off and on all night, but by the grace of God, we weren't hit. We DID have some water leak into our den, but that's a far cry from the many lives lost and the people who went without power for days. I continue to pray for those people who were not as lucky as us.

2. I'm grateful for my wonderful friends. We were able to get together last night for Sushi at Sekisui pacific rim. It was delish, but what I enjoyed most was getting together with our friends and having a good, non-stressful time when we didn't have to talk about school, we could simply just be.

3. I'm really grateful that I got to sleep in Saturday and today. It's something my body desparately needed. Since my car has been in the shop, I've been hitching rides with hubby everyday to school. He likes to be at school SIGNIFICANTLY earlier than I do, so I had to get up before 6 almost every morning. Being able to sleep in was a Godsend.

4. This may seem very insignificant, but I'm grateful that I found something that clears up my face. I've had mild/moderate acne for quite some time now and proactive always did the job. Well now that we're trying to save a little moolah, I've been searching for something effective and inexpensive. I found just that in Olay's Cleanse and Clarify face scrub. This stuff is great, I've been using it for about a week and my face is already nearly clear. I use it twice a day followed by a salicyclic acid toner and a lotion at night and the results have been great. That is really saying something because I've NEVER found something I could buy at walmart that worked for me and I'm seriously grateful.

5. Grateful I got to pump up my shoe collection. Nuff' said.

6. Grateful I got 2 hours of unexpected studying done for my next exam which is Friday.


As We Sail... said...

I'm glad you were kept safe too.

Michelle said...

So glad to hear you didn't get any damage from the storms! How scary that must have been though.

Sleeping in is wonderful!