Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life at the moment......

is pretty uneventful. I guess that's a good thing, no news is good news right? I finally got my $200 scrub allowance from my work so on Tuesday I had a grand time picking out new scrubs. I had this idea that I'd photograph myself in each set and post a "scrubapalooza" post. They're pretty funky, but I like wearing funky scrubs to work. Keeps things festive. We also went to get our taxes done the other day. I was pretty excited to be filing my first joint taxes...yeah I'm a big dork. We got a decent refund coming, but sadly we weren't able to deduct anything from our mortgage yet, we haven't paid enough yet since we just bought our home in July, but the lady said next year we'd be able to. She also advised us to start saving all receipts from anything we buy for work, property taxes, gifts to charity, etc so I have 2 whole receipts saved from a lab coat and set of scrubs for work. LOL. I had my first patient to present on Wednesday, she was a 41 yo female who's had Crohn's disease for over 20 years. I did really good on the presentation and knew ALMOST all the questions they asked me. I made some cool stuff in lab this week, a lotion for acne, Kaopectate, and a troche aka a gummy candy thing with medicine in it, the one I made had benzocaine in it. I made the mistake of sleeping in this morning, I have a class from 8-10, but I decided to skip it today and slept in till 9, the whole morning I was having dreams about being in class with my pajamas on and not being able to find my class, and stuff like that. I think my body knew I was supposed to be in class LOL. My good friend Joseph turns 20 today (yeah he's a baby) and a bunch of us are going to Chili's tonight to celebrate so I'm excited about that, well that's it for now, got a bunch of tests coming up so posting will be sporadic!