Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I haven't written in a few days due to being EXTRA busy studying for my exam tomarrow, but me and Will were able to spend some quality time together today for our 1st Valentine's day as a married couple. I saw this on Big Blueberry Eyes, and I thought I'd love to participate, I hope that's ok. I'm supposed to write the story of how I met my husband. First I'll tell how I met my wonderfull hubby and then I'll tell about how we celebrated Valentine's day.
My mom actually met my husband before I did. She is a labor/delivery RN at Blanchfield Army Hospital on Ft. Campbell, and my dear sweet hubby was an LPN in the Army working with her on the same shift. My mom was fond of Will because she would tell me about him when I was about 17-18 and he was a young soldier, 21 years of age. My dad, however, had a strict policy for me, I was not allowed to date soldiers. My dad was in the Army for 21 years, so I guess he knew how some of them can be, but anyways Will went to Iraq and I was supposed to write him, but I never did. I didn't think much of Will after that. Fast forward to the summer of 2005, I was now 20. I had to retake organic chemistry during the summer semesters. I walked in the classroom and there was only 2-3 people in the room, one of them being a cute guy with curly blond hair sitting in the front row. I'm not usually a front row sitter, and if there are plenty of desks available, I usually won't sit right next to someone unless I'm friends with them. For some reason I sat behind this guy and I remember his shirt was from studymasters and had a guy disco dancing on it. During our first break someone who new me and my mom introduced me to this guy as Will Turner, "he used to work with us at the hospital....." So I had finally met Will, and he was easy on the eyes to boot. I was pretty smitten with him from the beginning, I immediately was crushing on him. He was cute, funny and had a smile to make any girl melt. I sat behind Will that whole summer. I guess I should mention one little tidbit that makes this story a bit more interesting. I was engaged to another guy, but from the beginning, it just never felt right. Because of this fact, Will never really showed any interest in me, but was always extremely nice and friendly. Fast forward to beginning of next fall semester, Will invites me to one of his fraternity's parties and I go, after having a few drinks, then having a few more at the party, I experienced a loss of inhibition. I flirted like crazy with Will that night and he seemed very interested as well. My heart pitter-pattered like a young girl when she gets her first real kiss, I knew what I had to do. I broke it off with my current fiance and immediately wrote Will an email telling him how I felt. He emailed me back, it was short and sweet, and pretty much said "yeah me too." We started dating that September 20, 2005. Will proposed to me exactly one year after we started dating on September 20, 2006 and we were married a little over 8 months later on June 1, 2007.
So that's how I met hubby. Now on the our Vs Day. Every Valentine's day since we've been together we've went to Red Lobster, it's kind of a tradition. Even though we're in Memphis this year, and there are an abudance of restaurants to choose from, we still went to Red Lobster. We got there around 4:50 and it was jam packed! We waited for an hour to be seated, but it wasn't horrible. We got some time together to talk and laugh and play with each other like high school sweethearts. When we did get our table, it was a perfect little table for 2, usually I don't like booths for 2 because they're so small, but this one was bigger than normal. The lighting was perfect, not too dim but not too bright. We got excellent service and we loved the food. It really was a great evening.


Michelle said...

thanks for sharing your story too! Sounds like you were meant to be together since you ended up being in the same class and didn't even realize it! what are the odds! LOL