Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm shoes!

It all started when me and my husband went to Tunica, MS for my cousin's 21st birthday celebration, we shopped the outlet mall and I got 2 pairs of boots for very good prices and I was stoked. I then began to realize that I don't have very many pairs of shoes, but I have TONS of clothes. Somehow this crazy mind of mine felt I needed to bring my shoe collection up to par. After the Tunica incident, I bought a pair of cute red ballet flats from Victoria secret on sale, then a few days later I got 3, yes THREE pairs of pumps from, all on sale of course. I thought I was done, but today I wondered onto and decided to look at the clearance. brings clearance to a whole new level. I bought jeans for 5.74 each!! And a cute pair of black patent peep toe pumps to boot. So I've increased my feeble shoe collection by 7 awesome new pairs of shoes and I think I'm done for AWHILE. Partly because with my recent car troubles, my funds are getting low, and partly because Will is NOT nearly as happy with my shoe buying endeavors as I am. Go Figure, you'd think he'd appreciate a sexy pair of pumps on his banging hot wife.....haha ok I made up that last part. Ciao!